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VERONICA KORTZ recently returned from a trip to Russia.


What Russian memory will stay with you?

We glided on the water, through the Moscow rain.  We visited the grand palaces of the Czars in Saint Petersberg!  The Winter palace!  Catherine’s Palace!  Paul’s Palace!  We paid respects to Czar Nicholas II, his wife Alexandria and their dear martyred children.  Did you sense the spirits of the past move among us?  Opulent, sad, impossible wealthy… Which Faberge egg enchanted you the most?  All of the miniatures, designed with delicate precision.  Art was absolutely everywhere.

At the Pushkin…we experienced French masterpieces of Impressionism…the greatest Gaugins, Bonnards, Cezannes and Matisses…Picassos and Van Goghs!

The Hermitage was an unstoppable feast of art!  So much for our senses to take in!  SWAN LAKE!!  The people who sang to us during the dinner and the folkloric dance show!  At the Tretyakov and Russian State Museum we discovered little known paintings of Russian Folklore!  The canvases of the “Wanderers” including the unforgettable paintings of pine groves by Shishkin…the moonlight landscapes of Levitan, mural designs by Vreubel, epic history paintings by Surilov, old peasants by Kramskoi, the swirling red dancers of Malyavin.