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The Gallery is pleased to spotlight and show the versatility of our artists.


Spotlight on artist MARIA MARVOSH

Maria is a photographer and a budding painter who did a portrait of “Ollie” her therapy dog.  She takes him to hospitals, and retirement and rest homes for the patients to cuddle him.  Ollie has an unerring knack for knowing which patients need his special talents.

Spotlight on artist LYNNE ROBERTO

I paint to escape. When I paint I put myself right into the world I am creating… walking among the trees or along the beach feeling the wind and touching the flowers.  Once a painting is finished, I can still recall my experience of its creation each time I view it.  I primarily use oils because of the richness and depth of the colors.  I paint wet on wet, finding the fluidity of this method easier for blending colors -especially for water and sky effects.  It also is helpful in achieving the depth and hue to represent distance in my work.  When I paint in acrylics it’s much more complicated to get those same effects but so much easier when I need to be able to pack up in a short time without worrying about a wet canvas.  I am inspired by the great Impressionist painters-primarily Renoir, Monet and Degas.  Their work had such softness to their images and it seemed to depict a gentler way of life.  I also have a great love of the sea and sky and of nature.  I am awed by the mysticism and tremendous power in water whether it is lake, stream, or sea.  Most of my paintings incorporate some form of water.