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President of the Pasadena Lapidary Society has created some gems of her own!

Spotlight on artist LORNA SKEIE

lornaskeie2Even though Lorna was raised surrounded by all forms of art she did not start painting until later in life.  It was after being offered a job with a new display company she found what has become a large part of her life.  Her grandmother was a well-known artist in the mid-west at the turn of the century.  Her father, known as a pioneer in the field of fine arts printing and publishing was the founder of the Fine Arts Dept. of Santa Ana Jr. College.  His work can be found under the name of The Fine Arts Press, at the Bowers Museum, Santa Ana, The Huntington Library special collections and many others.

Because of her late start, Lorna was driven to assimilate as much as possible in a brief period.  She attended many seminars led by nationally known artists such as Ron McKee and Neil Boyle.  She expanded her studies under Phillip Rowson at the Royal College of Art in London.  Her miniatures became popular for many years at the Hotel Bel Air in the gift shop along as table décor for many banquets, weddings and other special events.



Spotlight on artist LYNNE ROBERTO

I create art to express my wonder of the majesty of this world.  I begin, by envisioning an idea in my head then research various areas what I want to create by searching the internet, looking at photographs or just taking a walk on the beach or in a park.  I pick and choose images from all the things around me and combine them to form the painting.  Once I have a reasonable amount  of the painting done I take a picture of it and walk away to study the photo.  I can usually determine where my painting needs work by this method.  Sometimes I leave it for a few days, which helps me to put it in perspective.  It often looks better when I return.