Ron Pettie

In my landscapes, I hope to capture that fleeting moment in time and space when a subject is at its best. Over time, people, animals, trees, and buildings will disappear, but a good painting can preserve that magical moment. In figurative painting, I try to tell a story that the viewers can shape on their own; it is my hope that you will find some enjoyment in my efforts to represent and re-create the world in paint.

Ron Pettie was born in Western Washington State, and his earliest years were spent among the natural wonders of the northwestern forests. These influences are often felt in his landscape paintings, even when he undertakes scenes from the southwestern deserts which form the backdrop to his home in Southern California, where he now lives with his, dog, and two independent cats.

Ron’s interest art began in childhood. His first efforts were in watercolor, but these early works were lost when all of his possessions were burnt by medical authorities as an overzealous precaution when he contracted polio at the age of twelve. As a teen and adult, Ron continued to experiment with other media, including acrylics and oils. Oil has now become his favored medium. The principal subjects of his painting are landscapes, Native Americans, and ranch scenes, all of which reflect his enduring interest in the people and conditions of the American West.

After a career as a school psychologist, Ron returned to his first love and began art classes with the distinguished plein air artist Margot Lennartz. Her influence can be seen in Ron’s attention to color and composition. In addition to participating in several exhibitions in the San Gabriel Valley, Ron has also studied at the Chouinard School of Art and Otis College of Art and Design, where his teachers were Richard Shelton, Diana Vitale, and Manuel Barillas, among others. His artwork can be seen in Southwest Art and Art of the West.






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