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Dorothy Coatsworth

When I was only 3 years old I had already decided I wanted to be an Artist, and I would paint animals.  I started using oils at 13 and in a few years I was painting portraits of horses for their owners.  I now do commissions of horses, cats, dogs, and sometimes landscapes.  I use Oil, Pastel, Colored Pencil, and Graphite.  I mix mediums frequently, and often experiment.  I compete in shows as often as I can, and recently WON First Place with a Graphite Portrait of a cat.






Richard Scully (In Memoriam)

Richard’s art career spanned over 45 years and began in New York City, where he studied both classical and contemporary art at the National Academy, The Brooklyn Museum Art School, the School of Visual Arts and The Arts Student’s League, NYC.  His efforts were to create a fusion of figurative themes and abstract composition.


Marco Pascale

Marco Pascale is an innovative, imaginative and self-taught artist. He creates art from his love of life, experiences and feelings deep in his soul. “I may not know every art fundamental, or artistic text book terms, but somehow I dig deep within me and show my passion through colors.” From a young age, he always had passion for art and would imagine a painting or drawing.  Additionally, Marco has a passion for wood carvings and art construction using copper and other metals. He also enjoys making jewelry.


Cristina Ruggiero

My gardens have always provided me a peaceful place where I learned to let go of everyday life, allowing thoughts and ideas to flow naturally and unrestricted as I worked.  There, I felt more deeply connected to my inner self and began to observe everything around me from a fresh, new perspective.  I learned to trust my ideas and intuition, which later on would become a key element in my paintings.  Those sometimes purely intuitive impulses allow the painting to find its own unique voice.

Janell Mithani

“A world of radiant enchantment merged with the lush details of nature inspires me to create. The reflective shapes of trees, often shaped by wind and rain, are a constant presence in my work. Childlike memories of magical beings float through the landscape of my mind and fill my sketchbooks. Recently, I have been exploring relating the sketches from my journal to the landscapes that come from my brush. Their dance calls to my creative mind; therefore, I continue to paint.”

Cori Solomon

Cori creates her animal artwork known as Cori’s Pawtraits in pastels, acrylics or monotypes.  A monotype is a form of printmaking where an original inked or painted image is transferred from a plate onto paper.  Each print is a unique work.  This medium allowed her artwork to become more fluid and loose.  By bringing in brighter colors into her work, she has also added a new dimension to her art.  She captures the spirit and emotion of each animal or pet through their eyes.  To view more of Cori’s artwork visit corispawtraits.com.



Beverly Squire

Beverly Squire describes her painting style as representational, rendered in the style of impressionism, with an emphasis on color relationships.  She works in oil, watercolor, pastel, and print making.  Her work includes still life, landscape, and portraiture.  She enjoys painting “en plein air” and paints out frequently in various locations throughout the area.  She is an award winning artist who exhibits at venues and galleries throughout Southern California. Commissions accepted–please contact artist through her website–www.beverlysquire.com.



Laura Barnes

Intense color and natural subjects have always been key elements of my work. My style combines realistic depictions with abstract and decorative elements. I work in acrylic and have recently begun experimenting with combining the simplified designs of block printing with various surfaces and painted backgrounds.

My work has been included in shows at the Millard Sheets Gallery, Hillcrest Festival of Fine Arts, Associated Artists of the Inland Empire Annual Shows and Pomona Valley Art Association.

Bonnie Sue Callahan

I’m known as BG Callahan, AKA Bonnie Sue Bergstrom GoodKnight Callahan. I’m not Irish, Brit, German but rather the anomalous Swedish, Lithuanian, Russian, with perhaps a smattering of  French, Belgian, Latvian, or Tartar. This may account for my decidedly exotic and diverse taste in the arts, along with my confrontive sense of color.


If I have even a ghost of a wish in the time remaining to me on this planet, it is only that I desire to share moments of joy via my paintings, photographs, illustrations, crafts, and graphic designs.

Karla Trujillo


My search grows from a necessity – the exploration of uninhabitable angles and the wish to mold them on a plastic piece of work as a chat with the spectator.

I try to reach expressions, a bridge between the spectator and the work beyond objects, where perceptions and spiritual phases deepen into the work itself.

My ideas are based on human shape, its position as an axis of communication in a dimensional voice of a concert of shadow and light.