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Marianne Galleon

My ceramic creations are inspired by the feel of the clay starting with the raw clay to the visual finished glazed piece.  My primary focus is functional pottery for everyday use.  I aspire to create pottery not for the shelf but as part of daily life.  My first love is making bowls.  I enjoy experimenting with combining glazes using wax resist and other design techniques.  I believe pottery should be picked up and held so you can feel each piece.  When you get the chance PLEASE feel free to handle my pottery.  ENJOY!!!


Gerald W. Capener

Gerald became interested in sculpturing after reading Irving Stones’ The Agony and the Ecstasy.  This story about Michelangelo inspired him to create works of art from clay.

He attended Monrovia’s Adult School for 10 years, developing his skills in sculpturing.

Modeling clay into vases is like a language.  Vases “speak” through lines, shapes, colors, textures, and images instead of words.  All of these are arranged into a composition that is both aesthetic and functional.