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Rick Yenofsky

Born in Cheyenne, Wyoming, I moved while an infant to New England, where I spent the first half of my life.  The second half has been spent with my wife and family in Southern California.  Over 50 years ago I developed an interest in photography which I have pursued avidly over the last two dozen years.

I thoroughly enjoy both landscape and macro photography.  The “macro” in me most likely comes from my inherent interests as a biologist during much of my working adulthood, where I have interest in the “macro,” “micro,” and “molecular” world around me.  Of the various aspects of photography, black and white holds the most fascination for me.  Vivid landscape color also intrigues me.


Barbara Lindsey

Originally from Buffalo, NY; she has photographed lighthouses in CA, OR, WA, PA, NY, and all over New England.  Her love of travel and landscapes, has led to photographs of many National and State Parks.  Early retirement allowed her to study at the top rated ‘Tri-Community Adult Education Photography’ program in Covina.   New experiments with an Oil Painting Effect on her Floral and Animal photos has brought new life to them.


Mike Herdering

Mike was born at 8:49 AM, with a No. 3A Folding Pocket Kodak, Model C camera in his hand and Microdol-X in his veins. At age 3 Mike disassembled Dad’s Ansco Cadet I to try to find the pictures. The Ansco never took another photo. Mike honed his panning skills, at age 16, trying to freeze the 200 MPH action of the Double A Fuel Altered “Panic!” at Irwindale Dragway.  Today, Mike enjoys exercising those finely honed panning skills, photographing fast moving clouds across the Colorado Plateau and the occasional hummingbird. Please, enjoy the view!

Vic Iorillo

Originally from suburban New York, Vic Iorillo graduated from Parsons school of Design in 1970.   He has worked in the feature motion picture, television and media industries for the past 45 years.  In 2006 he began his career as a professional photographer now specializing in wedding, event, performance and landscape photography.
Feel free to visit Vic’s website at www.viciorillophotography.com
Contact Vic at  818-489-9440 or viorillo@att.net.

Cindi Ramirez

Cindi Ramirez has been taking photographs since 1982.   She photographs a vast array of subjects such as butterflies, hummingbirds, as well as sunsets and waterfalls.  She has been studying at Tri-Community School of Photography.

“Most of my work is made up of outdoor photography using available light. My inspiration is everything around me. When I look at things it’s as though I am looking through a camera lens. I carry a camera with me as much as possible.  I never know where my next photograph will come from.”


Hans Zima

My primary focus in art photography is to provide an aesthetic view of nature, with the goal of conveying my perception and sharing my personal impression with others.  Additional areas of my work include photography of people in various contexts and environments and travel photography.



Debby Prohias

Debby’s interest in photography has always been part of her life. It has only been in the last twenty years that this passion has become serious.

After many years of working as a secretary in educational institutions and raising a family, she decided to return to college. She started taking computer classes and in 1996 earned a printing technology Certificate of Achievement in Imaging and Composition at Pasadena City College.