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Lorraine Roche

Ever since I was a small child, I liked to draw.  Probably because my father was an architect who had his office in our home.  So every time my father started to draw plans, all of us kids would get out our pencils and paper and begin to draw.

In high school, I took all the art classes required of an art major.  But financial times were difficult, so I changed my major to become a secretary.  I continued to dabble with drawing and oil painting and attended USC School of Interior Design.


Brian Smith

Brian is a retired teacher and has lived in Monrovia for forty years with his wife Karen. Since retiring in 1998, he has taken watercolor classes for four years at Citrus College from nationally recognized artist Chris Van Winkle. Brian enjoys sketching and painting scenes from local areas and from his many travels. Brian has received many awards for his watercolor paintings and the most notable was from the National Watercolor Society in the 2003 Signature and Associate Juried Exhibition.